The Unsent Letter

Hey guys I am thrilled to announce that I have joined The Dead Poet’s Society ,
as a guest writer. I have contributed my poem “The Unsent Letter“. The link I am sharing below,

Do you remember the days?
When I used to wait for you beside the college gate?
For your class to get over?
For the teacher to ring the bell?

You came with your glittering eyes, freshened by a jolly good night sleep.
You came with your shy face, handcrafted from the clay of the Ganges.
You came with your lips, darkened by the shade of a wild red hibiscus petal.
You came with your skin, soften by the moisture of the Meghalayan rain drop.

For reading the full poem please click on the above link.

Thanking You
Ushnish, the Crown…


  1. While reading your poem,a thought crossed my mind.The things that we hide in the abstruse corner of our heart,is the thing we left unfinished,middle of the road.Our lives are spent going back to the moments we left behind,stories that we sometimes wonder what would have happened with them if it didn’t wane in the lanes of obscurity.
    Congratulations on joining dead poet’s society.

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