Being Versatile


Let’s start with the history. UNIVERSE FIREFLIE had nominated me for something called “Versatile Blogger Award” on Decoding Facebook. Original article here


i nominated u for versatile award

As far it goes, the rules are pretty simple.

1. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself, and
2. Nominate 15 bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated (of course).

With that being said, answer of: “Who are you?”

“Who? Who is but the form following the function of what. And what I am is bl4z3r”.

Jokes apart, let’s begin.

  1. I am paranoid. I am so paranoid that I have my microphone and camera drivers uninstalled (but backed up) in my notebook. I have watchdog running in background to scan any data packets that gets thrown in my direction intentionally or unintentionally, which I didn’t ask for. I often use IP Scrambler and MAC Changer, even on my home networks. My social interactions are also quite limited and currently only on a couple of Social Media platforms. My phone has only those apps that are required, with most of them running on low permission levels.
  2. I am an Indian, and a guy and a college grad, who is invisible to most of his classmates. I have a tendency to just vanish from the spot when the class for the day ends, and never to be found in few meters from the campus. Due to this reason, till now only a handful of people know me by my name, and rest of them mistake me as a guy from different batch or of totally different year. Even those who know me don’t know most basic details about me, like where I stay or my date of birth, and I prefer to keep it that way. The more personal information you give out, the bigger “target me” sign you make.

  3. Though I don’t play much games, my favorite games include IGI, IGI2, MaxPayne 2, GTA San Andreas, Watch_Dogs, Assassins Creed: Black Flag (got from Ubisoft giveaway) and Chess Titans (yes, I do have Windows 7). On this note, my most followed YouTube channels include Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans, TechQuikie, The Linux Gamer, Coding Tech, Bitwit, Veritasium, Alan Walker, Marshmello, Dude Perfect, The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, Cinemasins.

  4. First phone that came in our house was a Motorola phone with an antenna extension(forgot the model number!!). It uses a 3-Cell battery which screws up really quick, and was pretty expensive. After few two years of use, my father ditched it with Nokia 3310 (with snakes). When I really understood what the mobile was when we had Samsung Champ Neo. I had the addiction to download jar games over cheap 2G internet, with 50% probability of not running. Good ‘ol days.

  5. I have a strong aversion to anything of Bollywood that has “guy-girl-love” or “drama-infinity”, which is most of them. Last Bollywood movie I watched was “3 Idiots”. As for Hollywood movies, there are super useful torrent sites, with some Samaritans who upload the movies on those sites and my notebook: where I watch those in the comfort of home. I tend to watch each and every movie that are not under “Horror” category. The only reason I skip horror movies are because of jump-scares, aversion to wet myself and bidding goodbye to night’s sleep for a whole week.

  6. I had tried my hand in making music in Music Maker Jam, and the music were just awful. I had once played one of the music through speakers, and all the stray dogs surrounded my house and began to howl. After that day, I restricted the my-made music through earphones only.

  7. I follow reason. It is impossible for anyone to make me do a certain religious task unless they provide viable explanation for the same, else I will screw up big time. I regularly pick up a quarrel with anyone who asks me to a certain job stating that “other people says so”. Due to this reason few of my over-religious relatives tagged me as un-holy. However, I do go to religious gathering for “FOOD, and ONLY FOOD”.



Please Note: These blogs mentioned above may have more than one authors. If there are more than one authors, all of them are nominated for “Versatile Blogger Award”.


This is bl4z3r, and as always-signing out.


    1. Thank you… And thank you
      My music are terrible, but I am planning to share those.
      I am not a functions-going guy, rather a lazy guy

      And welcome. Let the domino effect be with you😋

      Liked by 1 person

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